Compliance with regulations

      • Prefectural order in force (Sept 2007) at Bolbec
      • Ministerial order of 20/09/02 concerning co-incineration (heading 2770)
      Parameter Mean daily value
      Carbon monoxide 50mg/m3
      Total dust 10mg/m3
      Organic substances as gas or vapor, expressed in total organic carbon 10mg/m3
      Hydrogen chloride 10mg/m3
      Hydrogen fluoride 1mg/m3
      Sulfur dioxide 50mg/m3
      Nitrogen monoxide or nitrogen dioxide 400mg/m3
      Cadmium + thalium 0,05mg/m3
      Mercury 0,05mg/m3
      Total for other metals 0,5mg/m3
      Dioxins and furans 0,1ng/m3



      • Continuous automated monitoring of boiler stack emissions at Bolbec
      • Annual compliance check for volatile organic compounds


Servier goes further…

      • At all our pharmaceutical sites: absolute air filtration at production zones
      • Bolbec (Oril): monitoring of environmental impact (dioxins/furans/metals) by lichen biomonitoring
      • Baclair (Oril): treatment of atmospheric emissions of volatile organic halogen compounds